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7 Wonders Of The World in 2018

7 New Wonders Of The World in 2018

 Great Wall of China---
The longest wall of the Great Wall is approximately 2,145 miles.  Additionally, about 1,770 miles branch from the sides, making it the longest man-made structure in the world by far. The length of all Chinese defense walls built over the last 2,000 years is approximately 31,070 miles.  To put this into perspective, it could circle the world two times! The mortar used to bind the stones was made out of rice flour.  Parts of the wall were surrounded by moats, which allowed for additional defense. The Great Wall attracts around 50 million foreign visitors annually. The earliest major walls were built between 260-210 B.C. by the Qin dynasty. After the Qin dynasty were the Han, Sui, Jin, and Ming dynasties.  Most of what we see today is from the Ming dynasty. The height of the Great Wall varies anywhere from just above ground level to 30 feet high. Several temples were built along the wall for Guandi, the war god.

Christ the Redeemer …

Things To Do in Bali

Things To Do in Bali

Our 10 Best Things to Do in Bali take you straight to the ‘can’t miss’ cultural treasures and famous landscapes found all around the magical island of Bali. There are innumerable temples, historical sites, and spots of natural beauty spread across eight regencies.

Tanah Lot Temple---
Tanah Lot must be the island's most iconic temple in bali. This temple is perched on top of a huge rock, and surrounded by the sea with waves constantly crashing on to its base. As among Bali's most important sea temples, Tanah Lot pays homage to the guardian spirits of the sea. 

Uluwatu Temple---
Uluwatu is among the Bali's most important sea temples in bali, perched on a cliff edge in the southwestern Bukit peninsula. Here you can catch dramatic sunsets such as at Tanah Lot, Uluwatu also features an open amphitheatre close by, where sunset kecak fire dances can be enjoyed. A monkey forest also borders the temple grounds.

Besakih Temple---
Besakih Temple, also known as the '…

Holiday Trip To Bali

Bali Holiday Trip 10 Exotic Places

 Bali paints a romantic picture with its tropical rainbow of shores, towering volcanoes, lush green rice paddy fields and dense jungles. Its natural beauty combined with its rich cultural offerings, curious traditions and lively nightlife make it an exciting honeymoon destination. And if newlyweds want some private time to themselves, there are plenty of little known gorgeous spots to hide away in. Baliis about all the experiences imaginable, turning it into a paradise for lovers.

Jabeto Cholo International Tours & Travels in Kolkata is the best Tour-Travel company in India.... Embark upon your nuptial journey at peninsular Uluwatu---           Number one on our list of places to visit in Bali is Uluwatu – the peninsular hotspot for weddings;it has a laidback romantic air. Stir up your passion on the secluded beaches of Balangan and Suluban, rated to be the most beautiful ones in Bali For Your Dream. Spend some precious moments at the Hotel Alila, lou…

Up Coming Picnic Trip To Puri

Up Coming Picnic Trip To Puri Sea Beach, just only 2501 rs/-  At --- 3/2/2018 To 5/2/18

Puri is one of the most visited destinations of eastern India. The abode of Lord Jagannath, Puri constitutes one of the four Dhams or celebrated pilgrimage sites of India and one of the seven most holy places for the Hindus. A pilgrimage of temples in India is considered incomplete without a visit to Puri. The popularity of the city also lies in its beaches. With the Bay of Bengal washing its shores Puri is a preferred beach resort for many. Religious sanctity of the place combined with architectural splendour and seascape beauty has made Puri a much sought after destination for tourists.

Jagannath Temple Darshan:

The sacred abode of Lord Jagannath or the Lord of the Universe, the Jagannath Temple is one of the most renowned temples not only in Orissa but in India. Thousands of devotees pour in from different
parts of the country and the world to pay their homage to the presiding deity. The temple is …

Holiday Trip to Bangkok + Pattaya

The capital city of Thailand and maybe the traffic jam capital of the planet, Bangkok is a fascinating, exciting and incredible city to visit. Like many other capital cities Bangkok never goes to sleep, there is always a hive of activity as people work around the clock in their various professions.

            About 18 kilometers south of Pattaya is Nong Nooch Garden, a sprawling recreational park in typical Thai settings. Groups of traditional Thai houses and gardens of different flowering plants are dotted around the beautifully landscaped site. Watch cultural and elephant shows which attract delighted visitors. There is a miniature open zoo and aviary. During the entertaining elephant show watch the animals perform various tricks such as riding bikes, playing football etc. Visit the orchid farm and beautifully landscaped gardens.

Alcazar Cabaret Show in P…

Things to Do near Elephant Beach in Andaman

Things to Do near Elephant Beach

Sea Link Adventures
0.2 km from Elephant Beach

Sea walking is a quite new tourist attraction which is increasing in level of popularity. The Underwater Sea Walk is one of the most unique attractions that one must experience when visiting Andaman Islands.

 Jabeto Cholo is the best tour-travel company in India...Blue Corals Dive
6 km from Elephant Beach

Blue Corals Dive Havelock is all about putting your needs first. All of our diving instructors are experienced, highly trained to make diving fun and thrilling. We offer a wide variety of courses, from the basic level all the way up to Professional. At Blue Corals Dive we are also heavily involved with reef conservation to ensure that Havelock stays, as it is… a paradise!

Andaman Bubbles
6.7 km from Elephant Beach

The Andaman Islands are a kaleidoscope of colors and coral, pristine reefs and a mind-boggling array of fish. The seas around the Andamans are some of the world's most unspoilt. Marine life is abunda…