Teressa is one of the Nicobar Islands, India.

       Named after the Austrian Arch-duchess Maria Theresia, Teressa or Tarasa, is one of the most  beautiful of Nicobarese islands. It is the neighbour of the abandoned Bompuka island and is situated south of chowra island.

       The island surrounded by the silvery white sands is unique with its vast expanse of grasslands dotted with ubiquitous wild kevadi or Pandanus trees. This mesmerising verdure is interspersed with flowers of the most lurid colors ranging from flaming orange colored pagoda flowers, luxuriant clusters of shocking pink and purple rain lilies,  red and green wild poinsettias and wild lantanas with yellow and tangerine florets and riot of common floss flower or siam weed.

        The island is serene and tranquil and is served by one north south road  that connects southern villages  luxi and Chukmachi with northern villages Bengali, Kalasi and Alurong and boasts of a brand new RCC jetty. However due to lack of breakwaters, the jetty is used sparingly as the big boats are seldom able to touch the jetty. This island is being served by pawanhans helicopter service four times a week to Kamorta, Carnicobar and Port Blair and twice in a week to Chowra.

          The beach Safed Balu , true to its name boasts of silver sands, encasing myriad shades of aquamarine waters, covered with beach morning glory vines with hot pink flowers is a lovely place to visit. Another  interesting place of interest could be a lone gazebo-hut on a small hillock, though shunned by the locals and covered with crosses and un-hexed by nails  and from here one can view really spectacular sunsets.
          Teressa with its english meadow- like beauty is truly one of the most bewitching islands in the Nicobar group of islands with simple, god-fearing and content people as is case with all the Nicobarese Tribals. 

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