Going to Alipore Zoo

The Zoological Garden

Alipore is India's oldest formally stated zoological park and a big tourist attraction in Kolkata, West Bengal. It has been open as a zoo since 1876. 
The zoo is located next to river Ganges and very near to race course and police training school and opposite to the famous hotel Taj.
One of the most popular tourist attractions in Kolkata, it draws huge crowds during the winter season, especially during December and January. The highest attendance till date was on December 25, 2016 with 81,000 visitors.

The zoo is well connected by bus with Howrah and Sealdah train stations.
Bus routes from Howrah: Sakherbazar & Thakurpukur mini bus
Bus routes from Sealdah: 235
Bus routes from Esplanade: 77a, SD9, SD9/1, Sakherbazar & Thakurpukur mini bus.

Opening time &
Closing time :-
24 November to 23 December 10am 3.30pm
Sun 24 December 10am 3pm
Christmas Day & Boxing Day Closed Closed
Wed 27 December - Sun 31 December 10am 3.30pm.

a. Entrance fee :
Up to the age of 5 years Rs. 10/-
Visitors above the age of 5 years Rs.30/-
b. For the  aquarium :    
                          Rs. 5 / -   per person
c. Video Photography :    
                          Rs. 250 /- per hour 

The Zoological Garden, Alipore is maintaining carnivorous animals like Bengal tiger, lion,leopard, jaguar, fishing cat, jungle cat, sloth bear, Himalayan black bear etc. Several herbivorous animals like brow-antlered, swamp deer, sambar deer, barking deer, hog deer, spotted deer, white fallow deer, black buck, nilgai, Indian one  horned rhinoceros, Indian elephant, zebra and hippopotamus are also exhibited here. Amongst the primates , chimpanzee, hamadryas baboon, olive baboon and common marmoset are exotic while bonnet monkey, rhesus monkey, assamese monkey and comon langur are the indigenous primates exhibited at this zoo.

 The alipore zoo's animals are:-


White Tiger


White Deer



White Peacock









Reptile House

Alipore Zoological Garden are housed in a special corner called” Reptile House”. Indian python, Indian cobra, common krait, banded krait , rat snake,checkered keelback water  snake and  common wolf snake are exhibited in the said reptile house of the zoo. The reptile house of the zoo would be suitably remodelled so as to house the snakes of the zoo more naturalistically.


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