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   Darjeeling is a town in Indian state of West Bengal.  It is located in the Lesser Himalayas at an elevation of 6,700 ft.
         It is noted for its tea industry, its spectacular views of the Kangchenjunga, the world's third-highest mountain, and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.
                It is also a popular tourist destination in India.

          The resultant distinctive Darjeeling tea is internationally recognised and ranks among the most popular black teas in the world. 

            Darjeeling, alongside its neighbouring town of Kalimpong, was the centre of the Gorkhaland movement in the 1980s.

   The name Darjeeling comes from the Tibetan words “Dorje”, which is the thunderbolt sceptre of the Hindu deity Indra, and “ling, which means "a place" or "land".

   In 1828, a delegation of the British East India Company officials on its way to the Nepal-Sikkim border stayed in Darjeeling and decided that the region was a suitable site for a sanatorium for British soldiers.

     During the Indian independence movement, the Non-cooperation movement spread through the tea estates of Darjeeling.

    Darjeeling Himalayan hill region on the Darjeeling-Jalapahar range that originates in the south from Ghum.

     The north-eastern arm dips suddenly and ends in the Lebong spur, while the north-western arm passes through North Point and ends in the valley near Tukver Tea Estate.
     Besides tea, the most widely cultivated crops include maize, millets, paddy, cardamom, potato and ginger.

      According to an India Today survey published on 23 December 2015, Darjeeling is the third most googled travel destination among all the tourist spots in India.

      Riding the Toy Train of Darjeeling Himalayan Railways has always remained a coveted experience to the tourists.


      Toy Train Joyride Fare (Fare updated: February, 2017) 

            Diesel Engine Rides: Rs. 800/-. All first class seats. 
            Steam Engine Rides: Rs. 1,300/-. All first class seats.

    Toy Train is still unmatched when it comes to absorbing magnificent beauty of the mountains.

    It's a 2-hour round trip from Darjeeling up to Ghum.
    The train stops for 10 minutes at the Batasia Loop.

    Toy Train Jungle Safari Fare (Fare updated: February, 2017) 

         Siliguri - Rangtong Round Trip Fare (First Class Coach): Rs. 610/- 


The Jungle Safari takes you through the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary located around Sukna and Rangtong station, and offers breathtaking view of the valley from Tindharia. This safari is a great treat for the nature lovers.
    The Toy Train is pulled by a 'B' class steam locomotive engine.


          The culture of Darjeeling, India, is quite diverse and unique. The two predominant religions are Hinduism and Vajrayana Buddhism. Dashain, Tihar, Buddha Jayanti, Christmas, Holi, Ram Navami, etc. are the main festivals.
          Buddhist ethnic groups such as the Lepchas, Bhutias, Sherpas, Yolmos, Gurungs, and Tamangs celebrate new year called Losar in January/February, Maghe Sankranti, Chotrul Duchen, and Tendong Lho Rumfaat. The Kiranti Rai people (Khambus) celebrate their annual Sakela festivals of Ubhauli and Udhauli.




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