Trip To South Andaman Island

South Andaman Island

        South Andaman Island is the southernmost island of the Great Andaman and is home to the majority of the population of the Andaman Islands. It belongs to the South Andaman administrative district, part of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.It is the location of Port Blair, capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

  Best Tourism Places in South Andaman Island :----

      Cellular Jail --- 
             Spend five days in the tropical paradise of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, visiting top spots from your home base in Port Blair. Take day trips to neighboring North Bay Island, Ross, and Havelock Island, stopping at highlights including Elephant Beach. You'll also learn about India's recent history at Cellular Jail, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Port Blair.

      Chatham mill ---
             Chatham mill is situated in an island which joined to Port Blair by a bridge. You can see the bombpit which was due to bomb thrown at Mill in mid 19th century world war time. It has museum with full information on Andaman.

         Viper Island --- 
             The journey to this island is a long one. About 45 minutes ferry ride from Port Blair. You get to see Gallows and remains of a Jail here. This reminds of the atrocities to which British rulers subjected Indian prisoner during Colonial rule. Some areas of the island is not scaped and entry is not allowed.

      Murugan Temple ---
             Murugan Temple is very famous Temple in Port Blair, yes its South Indian Temple and near Gandhi park.
A place you can visit in port blair if you haven't seen south indian temple before. Its in the city itself, nearby cellular jail. You can go there by auto. Nice serene place.
this temple is in center of Port Blair. peaceful place.lord Ganesha is main deity here.i visited in the morning.not much crowded.
             Temple of God Murugan, God Ganesha, Its it Situated in Port Blair, near to Gandhi Park.

      Rajiv Gandhi's Statue ---
              This rajiv gandhi's statue is at aberdeen jetty,portblair. we visited in the morning.the atmosphere is very good.the sea breeze is cool and i saw some colour fishes in the water below this jetty.
Statue looks good and is quite big. It looks well maintained. It's at Port Aberdeen. Nice to click snaps while waiting for the Boat.
       A huge monument of Rajiv Gandhi in the act of throwing a garland. Situated on the pier at arberdeen jetty .

      Aberdeen Clock Tower ---
                Right at the junction of Aberdeen bazar stands this world war 1 memorial. It's was build is memory of the soldiers who defended andamans during the world war 1.
The monument was build post world war- and is so well preserved for almost a century . It's well maintained and gives details of the few Indian and British soldiers . While walking through Aberdeen bazar you can have a quick glance through it.


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