Travel To Baratang Island


          Baratang Island is an island of the Andaman Islands. It belongs to the North and Middle Andaman administrative district, part of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

          Baratang Island, is gifted with many natural wonders. It is one of the perfect places to visit for an adventure junkie with lots of love for nature. It has many things mashed in together like mangrove forests, limestone caves, mud volcanoes, beautiful creeks and pristine beaches. There is just so much to explore that you will not have enough time and energy to do so. It is one of lesser visited tourist spots because of its accessibility hindrances. The island gives you the opportunity to travel the offbeat path and discover the wild virgin beauty of nature.

    Places to visit in Baratang Island ----

 Limestone Caves ---
        A little dark when you enter but as you shine your flashlight at it, you will stand in awe. You will be wonderstruck when you see the amazing natural limestone formations. The entire cave has been formed by centuries of constant erosion by CO2 dissolved water. It is really amazing to see all these limestone structures dangling off the roof and growing from the ground up. Nature has done a fine job here as the limestone has slowly formed into some intricate and interesting shapes. 

 Mud Volcano ---
        Mud volcano are basically formed by the ejection of geo-excreted gases and liquids. A major portion of the gases released is methane, but gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen are also released. Mostly these mud volcanoes spew out everything in a semi-solid state. At first sight it might look very gooey and not worth your time. 

 Parrot Island ---
       Baratang Island is a paradise for bird watchers. It has many different kinds of birds flocking together. They truly render you speechless when you see their sheer brilliance and numbers. It just seems to be a place not from anywhere here. The most beautiful sight at Parrot Island is during dusk. When the sun is about to set, you can see flocks of parrots and parakeets just crowding in the orange skies. It is a humbling view when you see the sky filling up with the birds, squawking in unison and is a very beautiful thing to watch. 

 Baludera Beach ---
       Baludera Beach is an isolated beach and is definately one of the most beautiful beaches in Andaman. It's isolation has preserved its pristine beauty and it is perfect for anyone who wants to escape the maddening crowds of tourists. It has a low tide and therefore is comparatively more safer, though precautions while swimming still should be taken.


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