Visit To Mini Zoo in Andaman

Mini Zoo in Andaman

A very small zoo situated in Haddo nearby Port Blair is the Andaman’s Mini Zoo with very limited collection of wild speciesThere are nearly 200 species of the birds and animals in Mini Zoo

The Zoo is much famous for its Crocodile breeding programSome of the rarest species like Nicobar pigeon, the Andaman pig and the Andaman gecko can be seen in the Mini Zoo.

 There are around 200 species of birds and animals in the mini zoo. The zoo is within the premises of the Forest Museum and can be visited in the same trip as the Forest Museum. 

There is a crocodile farm inside the zoo which is a breeding place for crocodiles which are later released into the coastal mangrove swamps.

The popularity of the Mini Zoo is attributed to the crocodile farming and breeding programs. These animals can be later seen in the water surrounding the green forests. Some of the trees that are found are the padauk, rosewood, marble wood, etc.

Zoo Open Timing :
        8:00 am to 12 noon
        1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

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