Kolkata's Famous Street Food --- Raj Kachori | রাজ কচুরি

Kolkata's Famous Street Food ---
Raj Kachori | রাজ  কচুরি

The classic street food treat that makes your mouth-watering. Raj kachori basket is filled with papri, bhallas, yogurt, chickpeas and much more, and it is garnished with some pomegranate seeds.

How to Make Raj Kachori

1. Fill the raj kachori basket with papri, dahi bhalla, boiled chick peas, sprouts, pomegranates, bhujia and ginger.

2. Sprinkle seasoning.

3. Pour tamarind chutney, coriander chutney and yogurt over it.

4. Garnish with pomegranates and serve.

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